Other services

In addition to the legal assistance, we also offer our services in meeting various needs our clients can encounter daily during their stay in Spain and EU. Here are some of these services:

  • Weddings

    Annually, about four thousand weddings take place in Barcelona. An interesting fact: only 85% of these are weddings of Spanish residents.
  • Yachting

    Spanish seaside is famous for its secluded bays with beautiful pristine nature.
  • Football

    Camp Nou—the biggest stadium not only in Spain, but in Europe as well; it can host about 90 200 visitors.

— Translating and legalizing the documents: Russian/Spanish/Catalan languages.
— Apostille
— Preparing documents to submit to various federal and municipal agencies and institutions.
— Childbirth in Spain
— Marriage in Spain 
— Permanent residence permit and Spanish citizenship for the newly born
— Application for N.I.E. (description required) 
— Assigning translators/lawyers/advisors for business meetings and negotiations
— Opening bank accounts
— Mortgage lending
— Assistance in preparing the permits for reconstruction in residential and nonresidential premises.
— Health insurance
— Insurance policy 
— Legal support of contracts
— Permanent residence in the EU

This list of our services is far from complete. For the complete list, along with the prices and the terms, don't hesitate to contact us.

Pay service

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