Registration of Companies in Spain and Andorra

Investments into the economies of Spain and Andorra give you solid income, legal protection and reliable taxation system.

In addition to the evident business advantages, you also obtain a possibility to get a Spanish permanent residence permit.


  • Company registration

    We will help you to create your own business in Spain.
  • Street-retail

    Barcelona is one of the best cities to invest in street-retail.
  • Investment

    Resident permit by investment in Spain (from 500.000 €).


If you have sufficient financial resources, we shall eagerly help you open a new business in Spain, or buy an already existing one; or we can find a real estate property in Spain or Andorra meeting your requirements and able to bring you solid annual profit, or to be sold on good terms.

We have unique client-tailored business experience, in various fields and industries. Acting as your agents, we are absolutely loyal to your interests and protect them, aiming to become not just an intermediary between you and the seller, but your assistant, perfectly versed in all the subtle details of the European legislation.

We work with commercial investments projects on condition of 5,000 Euro to 1% of the contract price.

The terms depend on the project complexity.