Residence for highly qualified foreign professionals

Highly qualified foreign professionals

     If you are interested in working in a company in Spain as a highly qualified professional (HQP) or you are graduate or postgraduate from universities and prestigious business school, and you have a job offer, you may be eligible to apply for a HQP residence permit.

Documents have to be provided with the application

  • Certification from company;
  • Copy of the contract or professional relationship;
  • Job description;
  • HQP´s Resume;
  • HQP´s passport;
  • HQP´s Background checks.
  • In case graduates or postgraduates: HQP´s university degree or HQP´s qualification from a prestigious business school.


You must to apply for the residence permit at the Large Business and Strategic Groups Unit  (Unidad de Grandes Empresas y Colectivos Estratégicos).


Other benefits

Family members who accompany  or join the HQP may apply jointly and simultaneously or successively for their residence permit and, where appropriate, for their visa.

Family members are:

  • The spouse or unmarried couple;
  • Children who are minors or those of legal age being financially dependent on the holder;
  • Parents in their charge.


With the visa and residence permit, you may live and work anywhere in Spain, including relatives if they meet the expected age labor regulations.