Residence in Spain

Permanent residence in Spain is an official legal status with the following rights:

– right to stay in Spain 365 days a year
– right of free travel in the 27 Schengen countries
– right to eventually become a Spanish citizen
– right to obtain permanent residence permit and citizenship for your family members
– right to obtain citizenship for your children born in Spain, faster and easier
– right to open resident accounts with Spanish banks and to obtain mortgage lending

  • New resident permit - Golden Visa (Ley 14/13, 25/15) 

    For the investors who bought a 500.000 euro property could obtain new simplified resident permit with right of work for investor and his family 
  • Our accreditation

    Husky's Immigration Bureau have an official accreditation in Spanish Consulate
  • Spanish passport

    After 5 years of living in Spain you have right to obtain Permanent resident in Spain and in EU. After 10 years - Spanish citizenship.


Residents of other countries can apply for the Spanish permanent residence permit, provided they have sufficient finances, good health and no previous criminal record.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Golden visa - permit for investors in Spain
  • Permit for residence and work without contract/permiso de residencia y trabajo sin contrato
  • Student's residence permit/permiso de residencia de estudiante;
  • Non-working residence permit/permiso de residencia no lucrativa

We'll help you confirm to all the legal formalities, prepare the documents and submit them to the Spanish embassy, and to the federal body in charge of these issues (Gobierno de España, Ministerio del Interior). Our competence in this area will significantly reduce the waiting time and risk of problems.

Depending on the status you choose, the permit issuance can take 2 to 6 months.