Permanent residence in Spain and Andorra

If I have an expired criminal record, can I apply for a Spanish or Andorran permanent residence certificate?

The certificate of no criminal record is given by an authorized body (Home Affairs) at your current residence; it should cover the last 5 years, and state that no criminal record is present.

Do I need to report my sources of income when applying for the permanent residence in Spain?

Yes, you are required to produce tax statements describing you sources of income.

What are the advantages of being an Andorra tax resident?

Main advantages are the absence of some taxes still in action in a number of countries, such as wealth tax; global taxation (when a tax resident of, e.g. Spain, is required to pay all the taxes according to the Spanish taxation with the reduction of taxes already paid in other countries, so that to avoid double taxation), and the option of using offshore current accounts.

If our child is born in Spain, will he or she obtain a Spanish passport at once?

Not quite so. If a child is born in Spain, for him or her to obtain Spanish permanent residence permit and citizenship in a year, one of the parents is required to have a Spanish permanent residence permit of any type.

If neither parent has a permanent residence permit, the Spain-born child can afterwards obtain Spanish citizenship in shorter terms, but he/she is required to have lived at least 3 years in Spain.

Education in Spain

Is the Russian education recognized as a valid first education to go on with the MBA program?

Yes. To enter an MBA program in some schools you can produce a certification of 5 years of work experience instead of a diploma.

What is the average cost of studies in a Spanish private school per year?

10,000 Euro annually, in private schools without federal funding. Note that Spain also has federally subsidized private schools, and education there is thus 2 or 3 times cheaper than in a school with private only funding.

Driver's license in Spain

If I have a UK driver's license, do I need to change it if living in Spain permanently?

No; as the UK is part of the EU, the British driver's license is valid in Spain. You can change it for a Spanish one, if you wish so.

Investments to Spain

What is your experience in investments?

Oil industry: in 1998-2003 we actively cooperated on building an oil products transshipment terminal in the Tarragona port; 17 containers for 300 000 m3, private loading berth, connection to pipeline, oilcars and railroad transportation. Investments: 30 mln. Euro, annual profit: 5 mln. Euro. Main clients of the terminal are the leaders of the Spanish oil industry.

Finance and insurance: In 2005-2007 we participated in purchase and foundation of insurance companies and banks in the EU.

We have been are constantly involved in business with real estate purchase and rent since 2000.

What is the average interest rate for money deposits with Spanish banks and pension funds?

in Spain: 0,5% - 1%

in Andorra: 0,5%-1%

Other services

Can I book a loge for all the home games of Barcelona?

Yes, but we recommend to do this in advance.