Golden visa. Residence for investors.

Spanish Golden Visa.

Who can apply?

Investors who make a significant investment in Spain:

  • Real estate assets (€500,000)
  • Shares or bank deposits (€1 million)
  • Public debt (€2 million)

Who could obtain Golden visa together with investor?

  • spouse or life partner
  • under age children
  • children of the fill legal age, who are still not married and economically depend on the investor
  • investor's parents
  • parents of investor's spouse

What other benefits are there?

  • The residence permit allows all its holders to live and work anywhere in Spain.
  • The awarding of this residence permit does not require actual residence in Spain, which is considered to be that over 183 days. The only requirement is to visit Spain once during the period of residence. 
  • First card will be given for 3 years with prolongation for 5 years


Our service include:

– Official translation of documents 

– Preparation of all documents required for resident permit issuing, bearing in mind all the requirements of the legislation and regulations of the Ministry of Immigration

– Applying all the documents without the client

– Obtaining of the residence permit in Spain

– Processing of resident card in the immigration office of Spain

– Consultation and detailed description of the features of procedure for obtaining residence permit for investors

The price includes: official fees, official translations.

Payment method: 50% of the value to be paid at the time of the contract, 50% after the resident permit obtainment


Turnaround time for biennial residence permit: 20 working days

Turnaround time for resident card: 30-45 days