Residence in Andorra


Residence in Andorra is an official legal status with the following rights:

– right to be a tax resident in Andorra (0% - tax of profit for an individual)
– right of free travel in Andorra, Spain, and France
– right to obtain Andorra citizenship
– right to obtain residence permit in Andorra for your family members
– right to obtain Schengen and other visas faster and easier 
stay in Andorra 365 days a year
– right to open current accounts with Andorra banks, enjoying the resident privileges
– right to obtain Andorra driver's license after the appropriate formalities

  • Tax residence

    0% - tax of profit for an individual
  • Tax free

    Andorra is a tax free zone.
  • Free travel to Spain and France

    Andorra has an agreement with Spain and France to free traveling for the residents


Residents of other countries can apply for the Andorra permanent residence permit, provided they have sufficient finances, good health and no previous criminal record.

We specialize in assisting to obtain the so-called Passive residence permit/Autorització de residència passiva.

We'll help you confirm to all the legal formalities, prepare the documents and submit them to the authorized Andorra federal agencies (Principat d'Andorra, Govern d'Andorra, Departament de Treball, Servei d'Immigració). Our competence and experience in this area will significantly reduce the waiting time and risk of problems.

In this area, we offer you full and reduced sets of services.

Application proceeding can take up to 3 or 5 months.