Education in Spain

We offer a unique opportunity of education in a country with unparalleled academic traditions and the modern programs meeting the highest standards of the contemporary European education. Graduating a Spanish school or college means your education certificate will be accepted in any EU country and in the most of the G20 countries.


  • Language

    The Spanish language is the second wide-spread after English. It has over 350 million speakers around the planet, it is an official language in 21 country and the language of many international agreements.
  • Universities

    Spanish universities are among the world oldest, they offer the most modern education programs.
  • Free education

    Spain has a system of free mandatory secondary education for children aged 6 to 16.


Universities of Barcelona and Granada are famous world-wide. University of Barcelona was born in 1450; that of Granada, in 1526. Among the other top state universities of Spain are the universities of Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

We can consult you on the schools that meet your requirements the best; and assist in preparing the documents for the most popular middle schools, language courses, colleges, universities and business schools of the country.

The process can take 2 weeks to 1 year, depending on the school and the season you choose, and the list of required documents.

We suggest to apply for an extension of a student permit through the electronic system.

The service is provided in case the client has a full set of documents



  • We verify your documents;
  • We apply your documents through an electronic system;
  • We track your case through the sistem;
  • Rapports to the client messages received from the immigration department;
  • We submit in case of an additional request from the immigration department;
  • We deliver the final decision from the administration in Spanish.



  1. The university certificate confirming the successful completion of the previous academic year;
  2. The university certificate confirming the successful enrollment in a new academic year and the payment of it (la matrícula y el pago);
  3. Spanish Banc certificate about the possession of necessary funds (minimum 7.000 EUR) - “certificado de saldo”;
  4. A private Spanish health insurance: with individual and general conditions and a certificate stating that the policy has no surcharges (copagos) and waiting periods for medical services (carencias) + confirmation of payment for the last month;
  5. Address registration if changed from the last card (el volante de empadronamiento);
  6. Passport and TIE.

All of the above documents must be sent in scanned form by e-mail:


You can find out more information by phone:

+34 618 057 521 

+34 639 466 678

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